Module 6: Song at Midnight (1937)

Module 6: Song at Midnight (1937)

The film:

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Compare the scenes of a woman in white (Xia) on a balcony in Song at Midnight with Ellen’s sleepwalking scene from Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922):

Compare the scene of Xia awakening from her dream at the end of Song at Midnight with Ellen’s awakening after the death of the vampire in Nosferatu:

The first unveiling of the disfigured man occurs precisely at the midpoint of both Song at Midnight and one of its key intertexts, The Phantom of the Opera (1925), starring Lon Chaney. Here is the unveiling scene in Phantom:

Gu Menghe, who plays the dastardly villain Tang Jun in Song at Midnight, appeared in a comic role a couple years earlier in Yuan Muzhi’s City Scenes (1935):

Xinhua Studio, which produced Song at Midnight, during the war was incorporated into S.K. Chang’s (Zhang Shankun) new Hwa Cheng Studio, which produced another hit film featuring disguise and transformation, Hua Mu Lan (1939):

Jin Shan, who plays Song Danping in Song at Midnight, went on to direct the civil war-era masterpiece, Along the Sungari River (1947).