Early Chinese Films

Chinese filmmakers made significant contributions to the cinematic arts during the first decades of film history. This website presents a selection of some of the best early Chinese films we can still see (and hear) today, with English subtitles, along with a selection of materials that helps us to understand each film’s historical, cultural, linguistic, social, and cinematic context.

Thousands of films were made in China, and by Chinese filmmakers around the world, between the 1890s and the 1940s. Many were destroyed by war, or have yet to be restored and released to the public. This website features a small selection from the hundreds of films still extant, with a focus on those made in Shanghai. The selection presented here emphasizes films that are in the public domain or subject to fair-use provisions, are accessible to project participants, and whose accessible copies meet minimum audio-visual quality standards.

The web page for each film includes:

  • the subtitled film
  • basic information about production and personnel
  • a link to the relevant module of the online course, if any
  • a selected list of further readings and viewings (forthcoming)

The films currently available are:

(in chronological order of production or release)

Laborer’s Love 勞工之愛情 (1922)

The Peach Girl 桃花泣血記 (1931)

Playthings 小玩意 (1933)

Daybreak 天明 (1933)

Spring Silkworms 春蠶 (1933)

Sports Queen 體育皇后 (1934)

Song of the Fishermen 漁光曲 (1934)

Goddess 神女 (1934)

The Great Road 大路 (1934)

City Scenes 都市風光 (1935)

Song of China 天倫 (1935)

New Women 新女性 (1935)

Song at Midnight 夜半歌聲 (1937)

Street Angels 馬路天使 (1937)

Hua Mu Lan 木蘭從軍 (1939)

Princess Iron Fan 鐵扇公主 (1941)

Love Everlasting 不了情 (1947)

Long Live the Missus! 太太萬歲 (1947)

Spring River Flows East 一江春水向東流 (1947, two parts)

Spring in a Small Town 小城之春 (1948)

Wanderings of Three-Hairs the Orphan 三毛流浪記 (1949)

Crows and Sparrows 烏鴉與麻雀 (1949)

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The Modern Chinese Cultural Studies YouTube channel hosts many more full films, film clips, and discussions related to Chinese cinematic and cultural history. For example, you can explore Chinese film history through these playlists:

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Translating and subtitling early Chinese films is a labor-intensive process requiring linguistic, scholarly, and technical expertise. All translated films made available here have undergone quality control review by professional scholars; please contact the project leader with any inquiries or corrections, or if you are interested in contributing to this archive. A huge thank-you to all contributors to this ongoing project.

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Most of the films were translated by Christopher Rea and the subtitles created by Liu Yuqing or Yao Jiaqi. New Women was translated by Eileen Cheng-yin Chow and the subtitles were created by Andrew Rodekohr. Subtitles are copyright their respective translators, and we thank them for sharing their work.


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